2014 Chrimbo – 1984 Kid Photo on Laser Cutter

Mom was taking a communications class in 1984 so tool the below photo and then, developed the negative and the print (in the house on Raphoe). I didn’t realize that was this print when I took it, I just liked the pose.

Tried a series of different ways to make this work but ended up with a couple of pictures I was quite happy with.

Similar to the other laser-cutter projects, started off with an image and in Inkscape/GIMP played with the sliders to get something that was a nice group of pixels (Photocopy and 1-bit are the two I have the most success with).  From there it was into Corel Draw to put some boundaries on it and I had something to use both as Christmas ornaments and a couple of types of framed image.

Very happy with how it turned out.

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