2014 Berlin and Czech Republic

Jess has spoken many times about how much fun she had in Berlin and the Czech republic when she was younger. Since so many of our overseas trips are things I want to do, it seemed polite to do something that Jess would like for once. We took use of the July 4th vacation and headed on over.

Our timing was a bit funny to be in Berlin during the world cup, so despite our best efforts we did on occasion run into the game, we got to poke around for an hour with a  Trabi safari, the museums were bonkers with both the Ishtar gate and then some classy tech in the German technology museum.

Prague made me so happy, huge beers, beautiful old town and just general goodness and monks with ice-cream.

Having introduced Jess to the idea of Michelin star restaurants  we hit a two star in Berlin, then a one star in Prague that was incredible and back for a one start lunch in Berlin. I suspect we have created a monster.

By being right in the middle of Berlin we could stumble to most things, driving the Trabi was a lot of fun the gear shift is bonkers and you have to beat the snot out of the two stroke motor.

Many more images in much higher Resolution are available over at the flickr album.




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