2013 May England – London and Emma Jullian Wedding

In May of 2013 we popped over to England,  we hung out for a few days in London, popped down to Brighton and then across for Emma and Julian’s Wedding.

Brighton was really cool, I met Johan and his wife and we had a blast, I even really enjoyed dinner in a Vegan restaurant. And unlike the one other time in my life in a vegetarian restaurant I didn’t need to sneak a steak after it.

Out hotel the Renaissance in St Pancras was just stunning but it put a huge hole in my Marriott points, the British Museum was incredible (as you would imagine) the Rosetta Stone was no fun, the people milling around it were animals so there was no way to get a good view of it with all the barging. But minding our own business on the way out we ran into a Moai statue made by the Rapanui people. I have been fascinated by Easter Island for a long time.

Seeing the Elgin Marbles was fantastic, when we were in Athens back in 2009 we got to see where the Greek people would like to put them, but it seems there is no sign of that getting moved. I didn’t expect the carvings to be nearly as cool as they were, basically it was a load of Centars fighting humans. That is quite a wedding.

Emma and Julian’s wedding was great, catching up with Dave after so long, it was cool we pretty much just dropped back into conversations as we had left them 15 years ago. When I got fitted for my suit all was great but the guy felt the sleeves were a bit long so when I tried it on we had a problem, it was not just the sleeves that got shorter but the entire shirt, so even walking in the shop it could not stay in my pants (I have had that problem before, just not with my shirt).

There was a bit of a communication breakdown on the way to the wedding, so the load of us staying in the hotel all arrived half way through the ceremony, and to think I rushed a little to shower after the Lion’s tour match was over. We all had to stash wooden spoons in the church and then Jess and I got to ride back to the reception in the lovely Bentley that Emma was brought to the Church in.

So many cocktails had, many laughs had, many song sung, damn fine evening.


More photos from this trip here on flickr.

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