2012 Snow Machines in Idaho

It had been a good while since my last Snow Machine trip, we again took advantage of a free cabin in Island Park Idaho, I was a bit under the weather (but things worked out nicely in the end). Eanes, Kianka, Jake and Quillan all went along and we got up to our usual hijinks.

I would not recommend Spider Bytes and snow machines, they can lead to flipping.

We had some technical issues with Jake’s machine with a belt shredding, but my machine didn’t catch fire at all, I didn’t need Jake to dig me out so as not to die it was great.

The guys and Jake’s mom went skiing the last morning and I just chilled in the cabin and walked down to the bar at the end of the street.

My only regret is I didn’t get to the potato museum, but that gives me a reason to go back 🙂

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