2011 Ireland Pt2 – Adam Jenny Wedding

After taking a few days to be tourists we went to the real reason we were in Ireland, Adam and Jenny’s wedding. As you would imagine it was a complete blast. We got to catch up with the big names form the Old Country, Princess, Conor, Clo and I guess Adam and Jenny count. And then we had a lot of class acts in from the US like Erica, Martin, Sanfords over from Seattle, Ryan, Mandy, Reed,  Joe, Mo, Matt, Tomoko, Chadwells suffice to say it was a blast.

The wedding in Blessington was pretty cool, very nice venue (mind you a monkey show with one wedding checking i while another one was checking out), we stole Erica and Martin’s room (sorry about that), but from that point on it was just a blast.

Fiona looked so grown up from when I saw her last that I didnt recognize her initially (not so bueno) but once we got past that, it was like having fun in when Denny and the gang were in VA.

As I now count as ‘one of the Americans’ I got a wooly sheep like the rest of the yanks, I do feel it helped connect me with my country of origin.

Ooo and the real stroke of class from the Kellfords was well into the night when we had all been drinking and dancing and dinner was well in the mirror, more samiches came out so there was no risk of hangovers for anyone. Fantastic.

I am not sure how I took 7,000,00- pictures and didnt get a single one with Adam even in the background, OK I have one with the back of his head, but his brothers show up so as good as having him there 🙂




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