2010 Austin Wedding – October in Dublin

This was a quick trip back to the Old Country to visit Austin’s wedding, hit the OC the morning of September 30th and peeled out the morning of the 4th. Was first time for Jess flying through Schiphol, I do enjoy that airport.

We had a couple of beautiful days of weather so we popped out to the Boyne Valley and had a look at New Grange, we stayed with Adam / Jenny for a night and had a cocktail or two with them and the Princess.

The wedding itself was a blast, the Dublin Unitarian Church was really pretty, and the affair got started slowly as there was a torrential downpour ad Lynn could not get into the car. Austin didn’t get stressed out and the ceremony was a wonderful inclusive event.

We then moved over to the Cliff Townhouse and the beverages started to flow as did happy times, dinner was incredible, speeches were quite entertaining and from there it was all uphill or downhill I am not sure which.

It really was a wonderful trip but I am not sure I should count Dublin as Travel.

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