2009 November – Athens and Frankfurt

As Daaaa Bro, Caesar and Ethan were living in Athens for a while we decided to pop over and visit them.

The flight in was a bit of a fiasco, as we were flying Air Aegean we had a family discount,  that meant we could not check all the way through, but no-one was working the desk when we got to Frankfurt. After an hour or two the Lufthansa people paged Aegean but we were not able to get on the flight. So after a bit of a transatlantic flight we had to hang around for about 10 hours.

This would have had us pretty bummed out, but the flight was just great, the hosties worked harder than anything I had seen on a flight, I am not sure why they didn’t have a trolly, so they ran up and down the plane to get each person a drink. We had a stack of Greek guys hitting on the hosties, and when the Greek music started playing on landing the atmosphere was brilliant as they were almost dancing in the aisle.

When we got to the hotel Jess found the bed to be pretty uncomfortable, funny story Caesar had stuffed the bed with coat hangers. From that point on things were great, beautiful town, very odd how it was run, random animals all over the place.

The Olympic village was cool but again it was pretty abandoned.

I was pretty sick for one of the days and felt like crap, let the rest go out I was worried I was turning into a girly man but Jess came down with it on the way back and it kicked her ass, so I felt much better about it.

As always more pictures can be found on flickr.



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