2008 RoadTrip, WY

The road-trip in 2008 was a blast, at 5200 miles and change it was not nearly as ambitious as the big one in 2007 and because I had learned so many lessons the hard way in 2007 this as bound to be easier. Also as I was not planning to go through death valley and cross the Sierra Nevada range I had less climates to pack for. Was also venturing into Canada on two wheels for the first time so I was ready to get rolling.

The blog in 2008 came out of the desire to get away from it all, but still allow people to know I was safe and doing well. This way I could post something at the end of the day, maybe make one or two phone calls and then break away back to the fun of isolation.

I still did plenty of things wrong, got pretty sore and met lots of fascinating people, saw beautiful things and had a blast. More trips like this to come, they are good for my sanity.

I got to start the ride with Ryan and visit Clayton in Mechanicsburg, see where Kirk will grow up, meet new friends at the rally in Gillette Wyoming, see old friends in Cheyenne, Denver and Fayetteville.

This is just a summary, much more detailed blog writeup on the 2008 road-trip to Wyoming over on our sister site Baptacular.com.



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