2008 Christmas Ireland

When we were back for  Chribmo in 2008 the apt. in Elgin road was between tenants so we ended up getting to spend a night or two there. I forgot how cold the old country can get so we had to wrap up nice and warm, and then layer in a solid layer of booze to keep the chills away.

We got Jess to see some McDonalds Trad music at Oliver St. John Gogarty’s, far from the best trad session in the city, but one that you know will be there. We did better in subsequent years.

On a very nice night out in Synnotts Austin and team decided they needed some food and made a point of very sneakily (not sneaky at all) going into Burger King and in a none too surprising development were rumbled by security 🙂

That said we got to see all the big names, Alb & Emir, Austin & Lynn, Elvis (including misses and juniors), Gary,Joe, Tom and out at the house in the Curragh we did a really nice.

The rest of the photos can be found on flickr.

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