2007 September – RWC Paris

One of the benefits of the European Sale was getting across the pond  on a regular basis and I was able to make it to Paris during the Rugby World Cup 2007. The downside was that when I was in town we had no games happening that I wanted to be at here, but I got to meet some really wonderful people in Rugby HQ just across the river from the Eiffel Tower.

Things were typically Low-Agro with Rugby supporters but I was really confused at the number of Scottish fans making a nuance of themselves, saw some dudes smashing bottles at the bottom of the Tower and other just being a bit too sloppy drunk.

Came to find out, there was a football match on that had some footie fans in from Scotland, and then it all made sense.

I had also forgotten how well regarded Irish people are around the world, we had all been drinking a lot but the bunch of lads I started hanging out with could not have been more charming, cheering for Ireland and then after the win they all sang Ireland’s call. I felt like a bit of a plonker as I knew less words than they did to the song. So I left Rugby HQ with a bit of a bounce in my step that was well-balanced by the wobble it also had.

Back at the hotel I listened to the song a LOT of times before turning in, have the lyrics now … not a problem.

Having a few beers with Pradip was of course a pleasure, and it was funny he wanted to make sure I got out and saw some of Paris, such a great city but i used to go there a fair bit so I take it for granted. as it features in half  of my pictures you can tell I was smitten by what they did with the Tower for the championship, hanging a huge rugby ball between tier 1 and 2 was a lovely touch.

More photos over on the flickr feed.

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