2007 April Hamburg

On my various trips to Hamburg for the AOL Germany sale, one thing was consistent. The fine gentleman MR. Klaus Hammer, he would take me out and make sure I can a fine time.

On this trip we went out and got some German Sushi, that involves sitting at the lake drinking beer and then consuming a good chunk of raw herring. The German solution to cold weather was great, instead of having a load of gas heaters or other silly things the waitress bought us big heavy blankets, so we could sit, enjoy fresh the cold air coming in off the lake, get a nice chill in your lungs and a beer in your belly.

Also got to see the loooovely Ms Jessica Schuster and Gar, was really nice to see her but sadly she was in Hamburg for a funeral so not good circumstances to meet.

The pictures are of course over on flickr.

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