2006 Martha’s Vineyard – Boston

Trips to Martha’s Vineyard with the Milkovich household are always a pleasure, great company, great food, great booze and this trip was no different. To mix things up a little I hopped on the bapper and took it up North, it was a pretty long ride and I went with the Eanes route on 81 instead of messing with traffic on 95.  It was very different to rolling in on Cape Air but rolling the bapper onto a boat and then cruising into the Vineyard was a lovely way to arrive.

As always our hosts were as gracious as can be, and when we did stray from the compound we had a blast, with Jenny making friends as always, I did a pretty good job being charming with a nice lady from Woods Hole. Thankfully I was lubricated enough to not take it at all seriously and played it for comedy.Much fun was had by all.

Tom and Laura of course were in great form also. but Adam got to a very special place of lubrication that involved chucking Jenny’s shoes off the deck and having restricted thumbs.

When I left the island I took a meandering route to Boston as Emma was going to be in town so I hung out for a bit and popped by the Mayflower on the way (insert joke for an old boat looking really good). We hit a stunning place called the butchers block just down from where Emma was staying, we popped in for one quick drink and a bit of charcuterie and things went down hill.

Cheers was a terrible tourist trap that was no fun, however it was more than made up for  when we popped out to Salem and we had a blast. We went to see a ‘live reenactment’ of a Witch Trial that also included a look in the dungeon/basement, the town itself was quite lovely and it would have been nice to spend a bit more time.’A few more bars and a solid nights sleep and it was onto the bapper to head back to VA.


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